PRESS Mark Sebastian – The Real Story (Black Sheep Global Recordings)
can you buy doxycycline in south america Elmore | July 21, 2014

Although the cover art evokes Raymond Chandler’s 1940s Los Angeles, this album was created in New York City, and the music recalls the best of what we were listening to in the 1960s, with gritty blues numbers (“Indigent Woman”) side by side with sweet love songs… [read more]

Deja Re-Vu
see Pop Culture Classics | June 30, 2014

Mark’s new album is an exceptionally pleasing experience, from the 40s film noir movie poster style cover to the disarming performances of some marvelous songs. The title track makes an eloquent opener. “Wild About My Lovin’” gets an irresistibly fun folk feel… [read more]

Mark Sebastian Tells The Real Story
No Depression | May 2, 2014

He is a kindred spirit. He’s seen the land from coast to coast. Eastern waters and the western, Pacific shores are familiar to him. So is the music, from the soul songs of Detroit, to the urban blues of New York City.The easy pop texture of his brother’s legendary band… [read more]

CD REVIEW: Mark Sebastian, The Real Story
Popdose | April 15, 2014

This low-voltage, high energy, coolly warm collection of stellar acoustic-based songs comes from the co-author of the timeless classic, “Summer In The City”. For those not familiar, Mark Sebastian is the younger brother of The Lovin’ Spoonful’s John Sebastian… [read more]

Why Inside Llewyn Davis Doesn’t Get Inside The Village
The Guardian | January 25, 2014

Fifty years ago, the tenements, bars and coffee houses of Greenwich Village were the centre of a hip, bohemian society of beatniks and folkniks. That society has long dispersed, most of its landmarks erased by the onslaught of chain stores and fast food outlets… [read more]

In the Summer, in the City, the Heat Changes a Tune
The New York Times | August 6, 2006

Woodstock, N.Y. HOT town. Summer in the city. True 40 years back when John Sebastian, then with the famous-long-ago Lovin’ Spoonful, wrote those words and his group recorded one of those songs that takes on a life far beyond what anyone imagined. [read more]